Art of Pitch - en visio

How to pitch a book and hook the right people! Building a proposal is not something that can be improvised. This online and interactive training will help identify unique selling points and determine the best way to present them depending on the target: sales teams, foreign rights buyers online or at international book fairs, editorial teams, publicists, journalists, reviewers…

Compétences visées et évaluées

  • To identify the essential elements for constructing an effective sales pitch targeting a specific audience in an allotted time
  • To practice the art of persuasion and learn to be concise and succinct when communicating ideas
  • To acquire and develop ease and confidence in oral communications and written exchanges in order to successfully develop relationships and attain objectives

Public concerné


Anyone who wishes to gain confidence and develop skills in oral communications and written exchanges in professional and professionally linked social situation


  • Good working knowledge of publishing
  • Intermediate level of English - B1
  • Book project to pitch
  • Computer with internet connection

Modalités d’admission

Questionnaire préparatoire pour recueillir le niveau et les attentes de l'apprenant



  • Discussions
  • Role play based on typical situations
  • Practical exercises based on authentic articles and documents

Modalités d’évaluation

Elaboration of a written sales pitch or advance information sheet, filmed oral pitch

Profil de l’intervenant

American communications specialist

Informations complémentaires

  • A 6-session training program to practice between sessions and gain confidence
  • Distance learning on a Teams-type platform. Access information is sent to the trainee by e-mail
  • Technical support is available by email, video or phone within 3 business days (9:30am-5:30pm)


Understanding the challenge of a pitch

  • What is a pitch? Basic concepts and tools necessary to develop a good pitch
  • How to make a good oral and written pitch
  • Targeting a pitch
  • Considering timing by being concise, impactful and pertinent

Prepare a personalized pitch to make it captivating

  • Body language to build confidence online and in person
  • Write your pitch according to the audience and the context
  • Structure your speech according to the identified objective
  • Knowing how to identify, prioritize, synthesize and highlight the essential points

Make your book (or your pitch) stand out from the crowd

  • The art of storytelling
  • Generate interest and capture attention
  • What are the stakes, strengths, the unique selling points of the book?
  • Anticipating questions

Accessibilité / Handicap: les modalités pédagogiques et les modalités d’évaluation peuvent être adaptées en cas de besoin de compensation du handicap, dans le respect du cahier des charges de l’entreprise.

Délais d’accès (durée entre la demande du bénéficiaire et la réalisation de la formation) : réponse par mail dans les 72 h, et inscription à la prochaine session suivant le nombre de places disponibles.

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